Shipping and Delivery

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We are accepting credit/debit card or bank transfer payments only, no PayPal!

Shipping to European Union countries provided by DPD, GLS or FedEx, shipping to non-EU countries by FedEx only.

If your country is not listed, contact us by e-mail at to quote shipping price.

United Kingdom shipping rates

shipping carrier weight shipping price delivery
FedEx 0,00 - 10,00 kg 14,52 € 5 days
FedEx 10,01 - 20,00 kg 19,36 € 5 days
FedEx 20,01 - 30,00 kg 30,25 € 5 days

Delivery days stated above are typical work days for parcels to be delivered, but cannot be guaranteed!

Prices including VAT.

FedEx shipping can by also calculated by volumetric weight [length*width*height/5000] (all dimmensions in centimeters).

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