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Škoda part number:
  • 5Q0 907 816 B
  • 5Q0 907 816 A
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Control unit bracket for NOX sensor.

What cars does this part fit? [+]

Part suitable for Škoda Kodiaq , engines:
This part occurs in the following categories:Spare PartsElectrical EquipmentLambda Probes
Part suitable for Škoda Superb 3 , engines:
1.6 TDI CR81kW/110PSCVRA03/2015 →
1.6 TDI CR88kW/120PS 6S, 7ADCXA03/2015 →
1.6 TDI CR88kW/120PS 6S, 7A, SCRDCZA03/2015 →
2.0 TDI CR110kW/150PS 4x4, 6SCRLB03/2015 → 07/2018
2.0 TDI CR110kW/150PS 6S, 6ACRLB03/2015 → 07/2018
2.0 TDI CR110kW/150PS SCR, 4x4, 6SDFEA05/2015 → 07/2018
2.0 TDI CR110kW/150PS 4x4, 6SDFGA07/2018 →
2.0 TDI CR110kW/150PS 6S, 7ADFGA07/2018 →
2.0 TDI CR130kW/177PS NCZCRGA03/2015 →
2.0 TDI CR 140kW/190PS SCR, 4x4, 6S, 6ADDAA03/2015 → 05/2015
2.0 TDI CR 140kW/190PS SCR, 6S, 6A DDAA03/2015 → 05/2015
2.0 TDI CR140kW/190PS SCR, 4x4, 6SDFCA05/2015 → 07/2018
2.0 TDI CR140kW/190PS SCR, 6S, 6A DFCA05/2015 → 07/2018
2.0 TDI CR140kW/190PS 4x4, 7ADFHA07/2018 →
2.0 TDI CR140kW/190PS 7ADFHA07/2018 →
This part occurs in the following categories:Spare PartsElectrical EquipmentLambda Probes

Manufacturer facts [+]

Manufacturer facts: Škoda

Every spare part of the Škoda brand comes from suppliers who supply spare parts during the production of the car and is thoroughly proven by both the car manufacturer and its eventual supplier. So you can be sure that you are buying top quality and identical parts that were fitted to the car during its production.



Part origin: Škoda (genuine part)
Item is available, if you order now, we'll dispatch on Monday 23.5.2022.
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