Parking Aid, Sensors (PDC) - Škoda Fabia

  • M5 Nut with Collar (2 items)

    M5 control unit for parking radar, traction control unit, automatic gearbox control unit, DPF deviation sensor holder.

    171 201 969   Citigo, Fabia, Fabia 2, Felicia, Kodiaq, Octavia, Octavia 2, Octavia 4, Rapid, Roomster, Superb, Superb 2, Superb 3, Yeti
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    0,31-1,31 € incl. VAT Show products
  • Parking Sensor (2 items)

    Ultrasonic sensor for the parking assist (PDC). To find the right sensor for your car, check the table on the link below. Suitable for the rear bumper...

    1J0 919 275   Fabia
    32,83-123,52 € incl. VAT Show products
  • Park Assist Speaker

    PDC system loudspeaker for indicating the distance from a nearby obstacle, alarm buzzer

    1J0 919 279   Fabia, Octavia, Superb
    35,70 € incl. VAT Show products
  • O-Ring Seal

    Sealing ring under the rear parking sensor.

    1U0 919 659   Fabia, Octavia
    • On Stock
    3,79 € incl. VAT Show products
  • 16-Pin Terminal Block

    16-pin terminal block for the parking sensor control unit, panel for cranking down the windows on the driver's side, car stereo/radio, front seat cont...

    4A0 972 883 A   Fabia, Octavia, Superb
    20,78 € incl. VAT Show products
  • Parking Sensor Holder Rear

    Ultrasonic sensor holder on the rear bumper.

    6Y9 919 491 A   Fabia
    30,60 € incl. VAT Show products
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